James McKay | Chief Financial Officer

James is the Chief Financial Officer of Tarina Homes, overseeing all financial operations.

James grew up in construction and real estate investing from a very young age and has worked in construction for over 15 years. James is the founder of a real estate investing company that purchased, remodeled, and sold distressed properties.

James also established a property management company. Since beginning real estate investing and rebuilding homes, he has purchased and remodeled hundreds of homes both locally and across the U.S. James then expanded his business to include construction of homes in Tehachapi, Wasco, Shafter, Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

Since James has been involved with real estate and construction, he has started 8 companies, which successfully continue today. James loves to help the community in which he lives and build high-quality homes at the best price that appeal to people in the communities.