Driven to the Top

California communities try to keep up with the destructive wear-and-tear that weather and thousands of tires cause to roads. The Tarina Homes Team would like to spotlight one of the BEST road reconstruction projects in the nation, located right here in Bakersfield.

Roads & Bridges Magazine has recognized State Route 178 as one of the best highway developments in North America. In fact, out of the top ten road projects, State Route 178 ranked number five and State Route 178 was chosen for the magazine’s cover in 2017.

The Road to Success

Project 178 started out with only two lanes and expanded to six lanes along Morning Drive to Masterson Street. But Masterson to Mira Monte Drive has been expanded from two lanes to four lanes. Bumper-to-bumper traffic and rough roads are the last things people want to experience after work. Now you will always enjoy the drive to Shamrock Hills on this smooth and scenic highway.

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