04Nov 2017

Kernside Skatepark has become Bakersfield’s most tucked away, yet incredibly popular skate spot around. Built by skaters, this concrete park is located on the east side of town near many attractions like Hart Park. The Tarina Homes team is excited about Kernside because it’s an appealing community feature for residents in Shamrock Hills. You can […]

02Nov 2017
Tarina homes blog

Image source: Felix Adamo Tarina Homes has contracted a naming rights deal with the City of Bakersfield for $200,000 over three-years; furthermore, Tarina gained approval by Bakersfield City Council on November 1, 2017. Tarina Homes Sports Complex at Mesa Marin, located between Highways 178 and 184 along Bedford Green, will continue to expand in planned phases. […]

01Nov 2017

Okay, let’s get this straight – we don’t deserve our pets. They wait patiently for us everyday to come home. Also, they love us no matter what. Younger generations remain uniquely obsessed with their furry friends, as they should be. Furthermore, a Harris poll from SunTrust Mortgage discovered that dogs play a pivotal role for […]

30Oct 2017

Modern Farmhouse Style for Less by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia.   Chip and Joanna Gaines have become the IT couple of the HGTV world and we have to admit, the Tarina Team is super obsessed. Especially now that they’ve unleashed their new home and lifestyle brand, called Hearth & Hand™ created exclusively for Target. […]

24Apr 2017
smart suitcase
This smart suitcase will follow you wherever you go  6 Hours Ago | 01:15 This robotic companion, TravelMate, lives up to its name. It's an autonomous suitcase that follows you around on your travels — you don't need to hold or carry it. Tied to your smartphone, it matches your speed and can navigate around large [...]
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