Do You Enjoy Hiking But You’re Not Familiar With the Area?

The Kern Valley Hiking Club began in 1987 by Bill and Ruby Jenkins of Kernville, CA. The two wanted to assist people to travel through the beauty of the Southern Sierra’s. Furthermore, Kern Valley Hiking Club wants to promote and help others in trail development and maintenance.

Hiking Club Roots

Both Bill and Ruby Jenkins’ son, Jim Jenkins, explored the Southern Sierra’s when he was in his 20’s. The hikes used are taken right out of the books. Unfortunately, their son Jim was killed by a turbulent driver in 1979. However, Ruby kept the information as reliable and accurate as possible. She kept notes until her death in October 2007. Bill still lives in Kernville.

What To Know Before You Hike

All hikes are on Saturday’s and remain open to the public. Bakersfield visitors are encouraged to come explore the Southern Sierra’s and will be lead by experts. In fact, tons of the hikers part of this group are local geologists, professors, and other community members who will enhance your time in Bakersfield.

Please Note: All hiking routes are prepared beforehand. If you would like detailed trail information, you can find it here on the Yahoo Group website.

All hikers should prepare at minimum 8 hours for their hiking experience. Also, bring water and a packed lunch. Stable tennis shoes are acceptable for hiking. However, hiking boots are highly recommended. All hikes are subject to change or become canceled without notice. Conventional cars can be used to arrive at trailheads unless noted otherwise.

Where To Go?

So, where’s the Bakersfield meeting spot for new and regular hikers? Hikers coming from Bakersfield typically meet at the Chevron station at the corner of Hwy 178 and Hwy 184 east of downtown Bakersfield. Many hikers carpool in order to split travel costs. Please stay connected so you don’t miss changes in meetup spots.