Kaiser Permanente Sports Village and Tarina Homes Sports Complex at Mesa Marin

Kaiser Permanente Sports Village and Tarina Homes Sports Complex at Mesa Marin are two new popular parks names. Bakersfield City Council approved two separate naming rights agreements for these two developing sports parks late last year.

Kaiser Permanente Sports Village, located in southwest Bakersfield on Taft Highway between Ashe and Gosford Roads, is a master planned sports complex. The sports complex will have sixteen youth soccer fields, four youth football fields, and a stadium field. Furthermore, it will have eight-to-ten softball/baseball fields, a community center and several miles of walking paths.

“We’re making this investment to encourage active lifestyles and social interaction which are two keys to health. We’re also doing this as part of our 30-year anniversary of providing care and coverage to Bakersfield and Kern County since 1988,” said David Womack, Senior Vice President for Kaiser Permanente.

Growing Community

Kaiser Permanente and the City of Bakersfield, Recreation and Parks Department have a history of collaboration including Operation Splash. Operation Splash provides reduced cost swim lessons, general swim passes, junior lifeguard training and ReThink Your Drink Campaign. Furthermore, Kaiser Permanente’s commitment and dedication to health and wellness throughout the community shines through with this five-year agreement.

Tarina Homes Inc. is also committed to improving the city’s quality of life. Therefore, the local building company stands by its three year, $200,000 naming rights agreement. Tarina Homes Sports Complex at Mesa Marin is located between Highway 178 and Highway 184 along Bedford Green. The park will continue to expand its facilities in planned phases.

Future Development Plans

Chris Johnston of Tarina Homes says, “Our company is a local building company and we want to make the community better wherever we can.  We are proud to be part of the growing NE area and to support the beautiful park facility the City is developing.”

Councilmember Ken Weir of Ward 3 thanked Tarina Homes for their dedication to development in Northeast Bakersfield. He said, “This agreement represents a very important step in bringing positive development and economic activities to the area.”

In addition to the four softball diamonds and dog park, future development will include four more softball fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Furthermore, the park will receive soccer fields, walking paths and an entrance off Highway 184.

Bakersfield residents are thrilled about these parks and thank Tarina Homes for helping the community grow every day.