At Tarina Homes, our dedicated team is continually working to provide you with a better home-buying experience. Shamrock Hills has the home you have been looking for; now, all it needs is you! Take a quick 6-minute drive and shop at the nearby Target, Wal-Mart, and East Hills Mall; lay a blanket down and enjoy a family picnic on the brilliantly lush and green rolling hills, or enroll your little ones at some of the best schools around. Today, the Tarina Homes team is spotlighting Paul L. Cato Middle School right across the street.

Mission and Vision

Paul L. Cato middle school ensures high levels of learning for all students in a positive and safe environment through accountability, communication, and collaboration. Furthermore, the middle school’s vision is to mold students into 21st-century leaders who are prepared to compete for careers in the future.

Paul L. Cato: Teacher, Counselor, and Administrator

School Features

Class Assignment Turned Published Book

One special eighth grade student at Paul L. Cato is now a published author. Yes, you read that correctly. The student’s school project turned into a new book that’s already on the market. In the fictional account, he modeled his story after his favorite school activity, football. After sitting down with the young, fourteen-year-old author, news outlets learned all about “Good Knights for California Football,” and that his story may even hit the big screen.

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